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Beacon Network is a Telecoms Consultancy, established in 2003.  We provide network, service and technology expertise in support of Business, Network, Technology and Supplier decisions for established and prospective Network Operators. With a background including 20 years experience of working for the Telecommunications Operators Cable and Wireless (including Mercury) and later COLT,  combined with over 8 years working for diverse consulting clients in the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle East Beacon Networking can bring a wealth of practical, applied telecoms knowledge to bear across a wide range of subjects. Working either alone or as part of wider projects with partners, Beacon Networking can provide you with the skill set to match most project needs - whether a short and sharp analysis of a particular aspect or as a longer term supplement to a project or operating team.

Key Strengths

Beacon Networking is small and focused, priding itself on being able to bring clarity to the commercial application of technology and networks through:

  •  putting technology into a business context

  •  bringing long experience of the industry into each piece of work - ensuring that recommendations are practical and well founded

  •  expressing the results clearly according to the audience(s) - typically including technical staff, executives and investors

Recent Clients and Projects have included:

Jersey Telecom contacted Ventura Team in 2011 to build a full business case for the deployment of FTTH across the island.  It rapidly became clear that a full, Jersey-wide, deployment of FTTH could be justified economically and was practical.  With assistance to JT from Beacon Networking through Ventura Team the JT Board approved in mid 2011 a full rollout of FTTH to all premises on Jersey over the next few years.  Beacon Networking continues to have an active involvement in selected portions of this ambitious project through Ventura Team.

In 2010 Durham County Council were looking for assistance in the technical and financial development of broadband infrastructure across the County.  Beacon Networking assisted, building a business case and technical solution for a potential public-private investment that would enable Durham County to significantly improve its connectivity - not just to businesses and residents of the towns and cities but to the full 'final third' across the whole County from the less populated eastern side of the Pennines across to the coast.

Beacon Networking worked with Optilan to propose a business case, operational and financial structure to Coventry City Council for a wider commercialisation of an existing privately-owned Council optical fibre and duct network that had initially been built to serve the Council offices, schools, libraries and to monitor key transport sites.  The commercialisation is providing Coventry City Council with some much needed income as it struggles to maintain the highest quality public services that its revenues permit.


Initially contracted to provide a Business Case & Technical analysis to a proposed telecoms network for Haya in Oman in 2008; this project grew - after approval of the Business Case - to become a wider build and operate project, pulling in many more people both locally and from consulting partner Ventura Team. At the conclusion of this multi-year project Oman can expect to have a FTTH network of a world class standard serving many ten of thousands of homes and businesses across the Greater Muscat area.



Geo Networks Ltd. and its subsidiary company FibreSpeed Ltd. are the selected contractor & operator respectively for the Welsh Government's FibreSpeed Network in North Wales - providing local access and long distance connectivity to business parks and thereby helping stimulate the local economy with improved communications. Beacon Networking has assisted the Geo and FibreSpeed teams at various stages of the project from early 2007 onwards with formal public sector bidding, through design and planning in conjunction with Geo's supplier partners.  Later work provided the basis for potential further expansion of the FibreSpeed Network in North Wales and to other parts of Wales.

Starting in 2006 we assisted partners Ventura Team from the early stages of the new licence bidding process in Saudi Arabia where the fixed network monopoly was scheduled to end. At the bidding stage this consisted of designs and costs for long distance fibre and local FTTH and WiMax access networks supporting a business case covering prospective services and market penetration plans.

After successfully winning a coveted licence from the Saudi Arabian authorities the engagement deepened considerably with detailed work on the network, products and services through 2007 and 2008. We worked alongside the growing team of local staff as part of the day by day and month by month project to get this major new national operator to market successfully. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to the 2009 launch of services by the Atheeb Consortium under the ‘GO’ brand and recognise this as a major milestone for telecoms in Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region.

As a small company the last non-Virgin Media cable TV franchise in the UK has experienced all the extremes of the good and bad times of telecoms in its modest history. Beacon Networking assisted with a private buy-out of the company in 2005 and served as a Non-Exec. Director through 2006 and 2007 while the company recovered from a period of under investment.

Due Diligence
We have carried out a number of investigations on behalf of potential investors in technology companies – generally to provide a professional view on whether the market and price points for a telecoms product are as foreseen by the company. The most recent of these was carried out for 3i and a selection of other potential investors in the optical switch company Polatis.

Beacon Networking has provided specialist knowledge for regulatory purposes on several occasions ranging from the 2005/6 Strategic Telecoms Review by Ofcom in the UK to a detailed analysis of accounting assumptions for technical equipment in the eircom regulatory accounts used by the Irish Regulator Comreg during 2008/9.


Beacon Networking is a small, flexible and well connected consulting operation, maintaining close contacts with a number of other organisations specialising in different aspects of the telecoms industry.   It's always worthwhile asking us about your needs - even if they don't precisely match what you see here.


Impartial advice based on extensive hands-on industry experience